Lamb is one of our latest additions where we provide high quality products, either chilled or frozen. The countries of origin are New Zealand and Scotland, both of which are known for their beautiful nature and excellent conditions for lamb rearing. The common denominator is that the lambs are free ranging and fed with grass which helps produce a tender and delicious meat.
Moreover, an animal welfare program is also important for the wellbeing of animals and ultimately the quality of the meat.

Our partner in New Zealand adheres to the Farm Assurance, LTAP-program (Livestock Transport Accreditation Programme) and ”Five Freedoms”, while our Scottish partner works proactively to ensure that the standards of animal welfare established by an independent veterinary are adhered to, in addition to being subject to unannounced inspections carried out by SPCA, which is an independent animal welfare charity.


1. Neck
2. Shoulder
3. Rack, Loin
4. Leg
5. Hindshank
6.  Foreshank

Here are the breeds: