Veal is a delicious beef product (the meat of calves). We only offer real veal, i.e. meat from calves that are not more than eight months old. The veal originates from the Netherlands, a country specialized in calf rearing. We work together with the meat producer Vitelco, which is part of the PALI Group, founded in 1959, which controls the entire production chain from breeding to slaughtering and cutting-up.

We have two types of veal: veal that is fed milk and additional minerals and vitamins (milk fed veal) and rosé veal which is fed a diet of natural grain suited for young calves.


1. Neck
2. Loin (best end)
3. Loin (chump end), Fillet
4. Hind-Knuckle
5. Breast (brisket end)
6. Fore-Knuckle

Here is the breed;

Holstein Friesian