In the last couple of years venison has been appearing in the menus of restaurants more and more frequently. A possible explanation behind this trend is that more and more people have become accustomed to the wild flavor of venison and its fine fiber which makes the meat tender. Lately, venison has also become increasingly popular as an item on the grill which makes it a popular product all year round.

The meat that we market is that of red deer from New Zealand, a country known for its beautiful nature and excellent conditions for deer breeding. The deers are free ranging and fed with grass which gives a tender and delicious meat. The meat is produced by Pure South, which has adopted extremely high safety standards for its food production. It is BRC certified as well as certified for ISO 22000:2005. Pure South is also very committed to animal welfare and adheres to the Farm Assurance, LTAP-program (Livestock Transport Accreditation Programme) and ”Five Freedoms”.


1. Shoulder/ Chuck
2. Loin/ Backstrap, Ribs
3. Leg/ Round
4. Shank
5. Shank