Globe RED

Great meat at great red prices! That is the motto of Globe Food’s trademark Globe RED, which aims at finding products of high quality at highly competitive prices. The focus is not on short term bargains, rather it is about ensuring continuity based on continuous collaboration with selected producers.

Products Products from the following categories are currently available under the Globe RED trademark: beef, pork and chicken. The products primarily originate from the European Union, mainly from nearby countries in the region. The proximity shortens the distance needed for transportation and thus reduces our carbon footprint. Moreover, many of the countries from which we source our products are traditional agrarian countries.

Quality All products under the Globe RED trademark are characterized by their high quality. Ensuring a high quality has been our number one objective when establishing a line of products. Other aspects such as pricing, have only been considered once we were satisfied with the quality associated with these products. The most important thing for us is to ensure that our customers receive great quality products. Once these products have been identified we strive to secure a competitive price through negotiations, market research and volume purchases.

Food Security and Certification All the products that have been selected to represent the Globe RED trademark come from producers certified in terms of food security, a number of which have certificates at the most advanced level such as ISO 22000 and certificates from the BRC, the British Retail Consortium. The BRC is a global leader and has established standards governing quality, food security, operational requirements as well as making sure that producers meet various legal requirements.

Why choose Globe RED? Simple answer. Choose Globe RED because of its high-quality meat. Our collective knowledge and experience regarding meat and the food industry ensures great quality meat at competitive prices.

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