Globe Select

Dedicated to Culinary Excellence – is a trademark that aims to become the leader within the industry. The motto, Dedicated to Culinary Excellence, indicates that we are dedicated to providing delicious and tender premium meat of such a quality that it satisfies even the most demanding taste buds.

Products Products from the following categories are currently available under the Globe Select trademark: veal, beef, lamb and venison. The products primarily originate from New Zealand and South America but also from the Netherlands.

QualityThe common denominator for all products under the Globe Select trademark is that the sole focus of our work has been, and continues to be, to identify and only collaborate with producers with products of exceptional quality. We require producers to work together with farmers to facilitate breeding conditions that take into account the welfare of animals as well as providing them with a specific diet. This, we believe, ensures that for every piece of meat, a dedicated craftmanship has been invested.

Food Security and Certification All the producers that have been selected to represent the Globe Select trademark are certified to the most advanced level within the food industry. The certificates include ISO 22000 and certificates from the BRC, the British Retail Consortium. The BRC is a global leader and has established standards governing quality, food security, operational requirements as well as making sure that producers meet various legal requirements.

Why choose Globe Select?imple answer. Choose Globe Select because of the high-quality meat that comes with it. This will enable chefs to deliver first class dishes day in and day out all year round!

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