Great meat at great red prices! That is the motto of Globe Food’s trademark Globe RED, which aims at finding products of high quality at highly competitive prices. The focus is not on short term bargains, rather it is about ensuring continuity based on continuous collaboration with selected producers.


Globe Select – Dedicated to Culinary Excellence – is a trademark that aims to become the leader within the industry. The motto, Dedicated to Culinary Excellence, indicates that we are dedicated to providing delicious and tender premium meat of such a quality that it satisfies even the most demanding taste buds.


Many of our customers today require diced, shredded and sliced meat in order to be able to serve a large number of people within a relatively short period of time. Lack of time often presents a challenge when preparing food for many people and our Just Cook It products are the perfect solution for such a challenge. The Just Cook It products that we offer include products made from beef, veal, pork, lamb and chicken.